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  • SIA Approved Contractor
  • £10m Employer Liability
  • £2m Public Liability
  • Professional Indeminity
  • Real Time (GPS) Patrol - + much more

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why choose us?


United Arms Security have been successfully providing dog security since 2005


We continuely train our security dog handlers and re-test them to ensure you receive a reliable dog service


Our company has achieved ACS approval security guards, the SIA audit all our business operations

About Using Guard Dogs

Guard dog security is the highest deterrent form of security, one dog unit can be more effective than 5 security guards. We supply a complete service with all you need for this security, approved signs, insurances, and trained K9 and SIA personnel.

If you want a high quality of dog security on your site - please call us on 0800 242 5113

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One Dog Unit can be more effective than three standard security guards

Criminals prefer to do thier activities undetected and unheard - A security guard dog ears and sense of smell are perfect for detecting criminals and the raise the alarm to our trained handler, who contacts our control centre or the police in emergency. Perfect for securing high value goods, or crime spots.

While the hardest criminal may take thier chances with a static security guard, they know they cannot outrun, avoid or intimidate our security guard dogs.

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services directly

Many security companies do not have thier own team of security dog handlers, because of the specialist nature of dog work, most of the security dog units that we supply, is for other security companies. If you are a main contractor, we know our prices are some of the most competitive, you save money by coming direct to us, you also are able to get other benefits for example you can choose marked or unmarked vehicles, bespoke large warning signs, choice of uniforms to name a few.

service in your area

Our main areas of coverage are within the M25, so if you need a security guard dog service in this area, then we can help you, eventhough we have supplied security dog services as far north as Newcastle, so please do contact us and we may still be able to help.

we give you peace of mind

  • An incorporated company since 2005
  • Fully insured for security guard and dog security
  • Approved (SIA) Contractor
  • Member of NASDU (National Association Security Dog Users
  • SIA licenced security guards
  • Flexible terms and conditions

Did you know that Security Guard Dogs guarding is the most effective solution to guarding premises and property and offers the highest deterrent. If you have concerns about the security of a construction site, a warehouse, a commercial property or residential estate, a security guard patrol unit can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for:

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