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why choose us?

why choose us?


United Arms Security have been successfully providing security dog handlers security since 2005



We continuely train our security dog handlers and re-test them to ensure you receive a reliable dog service



Our company has achieved ACS approval security guards, the SIA audit all our business operations

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Using Guard Dogs Handlers

Are you thinking about hiring a company to provide you with security guard dog services. If this is the case then it is likely that you have a security scenario where you require a higher deterent and more vigilance than a standard manned guarding solution. As you know a dog handler with trained dog, will resolve most, but not all situation where a security guard maybe effective.

Advantages of Using a Patrol Guard Dog

  • High fear factor or personal injury to trespasser.
  • Very real concern that the guard dog will draw unwanted attention, through barking.
  • Highly likely attempts to go unnoticed, will fail due to the dog acute sensors.

For the criminal, they simple would not like the odds of confronting a dog mobile patrol, as the chances are the criminal would end up worse off.

If you want to significantly reduce the current attacks on your premises or want to change the perspective that your premises is an easy target (even if it is). Then a guard with a dog, is a very good option.

How do dog security companies differ?.

The differences are, what most companies simplify to the words, "quality" or "professionalism", really relates to the following, the companies management of your security problem, or the contract. The actual security guard handler, the security dog and finally the equipment.

Some more obivious difference are;

  • Dog Handlers Rate of Pay
  • Training and experience of Security Handler
  • Meaning of General Purpose Dog
  • Presentation of Dog
  • Well being, health, training of actual dog
  • The list goes on

We would like the oppurtunity to let you know what makes us different, not the best, but different and would like to send you a personalised report on what we think is important and how we would manage your security problem to reduce your risk. complete a form at the top of the page for more information.

While the differences may seem mildy unimportant, the impact of what may seem as a low importance can have a major impact. Some will make a small impact, for example the uniform the guard is wearing, and some can seriously impact the security of your site and others are so large than can put people at risk!.

Our Security Dog Handlers

How will the company manage and monitor your contract, how will they ensure that you are receiving the service they are charging you for, how do they monitor and control the guards time keeping, patrols, well being - what exactly do they have in place, especially if an incident occurs.

While we have in the past put this information on our website, we have found the content has been duplicated, by other companies, some did actually do some of them, while many just copied the content. If you are interested in what we deliver a comprenhensive solution to providing security guard dogs, we will be happy to discuss this with you. we guarantee the you will know the difference as we get the go ahead.

How much should I pay?

We have dedicated a page called the cost of guard dog security, where we in short explain why there is such a range in the rates of security guard dogs services in the United Kingdom, and exactly what the cost differences are, if you would like to know more read our article on the cost of dog security.

Guard dog security is the highest deterrent form of security, one dog unit can be more effective than 5 security guards. We can supply a complete service with all you need for this security, approved signs, insurances, and trained K9 and SIA personnel.

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Many security companies do not have thier own team of security dog handlers, because of the specialist nature of dog work, most of the security dog units that we supply, is for other security companies. If you are a main contractor, we know our prices are some of the most competitive, you save money by coming direct to us, you also are able to get other benefits for example you can choose marked or unmarked vehicles, bespoke large warning signs, choice of uniforms to name a few.

we give you peace of mind
Peace of Mind
  • An incorporated company since 2005
  • Fully insured for security guard and dog security
  • Approved (SIA) Contractor
  • Member of NASDU (National Association Security Dog Users
  • SIA licenced security guards
  • Flexible terms and conditions

Did you know that Security Guard Dogs guarding is the most effective solution to guarding premises and property and offers the highest deterrent. If you have concerns about the security of a construction site, a warehouse, a commercial property or residential estate, a security guard patrol unit can give you the peace of mind that you are looking for:

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