Empty Property CCTV Alarm System

Our CCTV Alarm Systems are perfect for construction sites and empty property alarms and are designed to work externally as well as internally in any situations

Empty Property Alarms

If you have just had a break - in OR if you want to take steps to avoid a break-in.
Our monitored empty property alarm systems can give you peace of mind.

  • Battery Operated - No power in your property, no problem
  • Built in CCTV Camera - No false alarms our sensors have built in cameras
  • Works on GSM and send signals, activations, videos via the cellphone network
  • Perfect for empty properties, construction sites and outbuildings

  • For reliable, empty property alarm system call us on 0800 242 5113 for a quote of professional advice

Our CCTV Alarm System

Our CCTV Alarm System, can be used as a temporary of long term solution to protect empty properties or construction sites.
Empty properties and construction sites are vulnerable to squatters, travelers, burglars and the like, some unoccupied sites are obvious and the chance to vandalise or steal from such a site, undisturbed makes them an easy target, unfortunately most builders and construction companies have been affected by criminals as well as freeholders, who have paid the legal cost of evicting squatters as well as the clean up costs.

For the ultimate deterrent in private security, our trained guard and dog services can be more effective than up to 3 security, guards, we offer trained manned guard services, with or without guard dogs, for the protection of property, people or assets.

Our fully featured alarm system, can be setup and installed on your site within hours, monitored by our central monitoring centre, our staff are able to visually and audible ensure your site is secure 24 hours a day. As part of the service we offer unlimited call outs, where we physically respond to verified activation at no extra charge.

More than a security company we offer a full commercial business support services, including site boarding with steel screens or plywood, site cleaning and clearance services.

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In addition to the support package we can carry out supervised visits, with your contractors on site, carry out site boarding and site clearing service.

We have a variety of solutions, manned guarding, steel screens, and a CCTV alarm system that can be used in rough conditions, remote locations, no power, no problem. The alarm system take pictures of your site to verify intrusions, complete with night vision, sirens with strobes, smoke sensors, flood detection and of course monitored 24 hours by our control system. We monitor and service the alarm as well providing ad hoc mobile patrols to ensure your site is secure.

Unlimited Callouts

We always respond to all verified activation as standard, there is no extra charge for this no matter how many times it happens

24 Hour Control Room

Our control room is at your service for 24 Hours a day to manage and support your security service

Battery Powered

We have a battery powered option, service and maintained by us at no additional costs, perfect if you have no electricity on site

Remote Arm and Disarm

If you or your team forget to arm the alarm, we can do it for you, ensuring you are always covered when you want to be.

Rapid Deployment

We can install our battery powered wireless alarm in hours, so you can be assured of a quick solutions should you need it.

External Camera PIR

Our weather proof external sensor has a camera attached and infrared so that images are captured even in pitch black.

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empty property alarms

Fully Featured Camera Alarm System

Our fully featured alarm system is managed and supported by our security services department, which makes our solutions complete.

  • Fully Installed and configured alarm system, all hardware aspects are covered by us

  • Our external PIR sensor, has a built in camera and infra red sensors, that takes photograph and send them to control centre.

  • Our 24 Hour control room monitors all aspects of your alarms system, its health, visual and audible monitors around the clock

  • We respond to all verified alarms, our guard will attend and remain on your site until it is secure.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Our rapid deploy camera alarm systems can be rented for as little as 119 per week, subject to a minimum of 24 weeks (we can install for shorter periods - call us for a quote). We install, maintain and provide the necessary support services.


99 99
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Ad Hoc Patrols
  • PIR With Camera
  • 24 HR Control Room
  • Battery Option Full Alarm Suite
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109 99
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Ad Hoc Patrols
  • PIR With Camera
  • Key Holder Response
  • Battery Option Full Alarm Suite
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129 99
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Ad Hoc Patrols
  • PIR With Camera
  • Key Holder Response
  • Battery Option Full Alarm Suite
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139 99
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Ad Hoc Patrols
  • PIR With Camera
  • 24 HR Control Room
  • Battery Option Full Alarm Suite
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Please see below answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q: I have shut off the electricity, is your alarm suitable?

A: We have a battery powered option for our alarm system, using high capacity batteries and wireless sensors, when the batteries run low, we are notified and replace them as part of the service.

Q: I have contractors on site, what happens if they forget to arm the alarm?

A: As part of the service, you are given a 24HR customer helpline number, simply call us with your site ID and pass code, we will arm or disarm the alarm for you?

Q: I live miles away from the property, what happens in a break in?

A: We monitor your alarm system, in the case of a verified alarm, we contact the police and send a rapid response patrol to remain on your site until it is secure. No further charge for this.

Q: Our site has a large forecourt, do your sensor work outside?

A: We have a range of sensors including weatherproof external sensors, if a break can be detected, before the building is entered this is a much better solution for you.

Q: What happens when an alarm is triggered?

A: Depending on the system you choose, 130db external and internal sirens and strobes sound immediately, pictures of what caused the alarm to sound are sent to our CMS, the police are contacted and a rapid response security is sent to your site, keyholders are notified.

Q: How soon can I have an alarm system installed?

A: Depending on our current workload it can be as soon as the same day or three days, give us a call to check availability, we even install systems on Sundays and can put other security in place until your site is secured.

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