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Our security division provides property security services and can supply you with manned guards with or without a security guard and dog and unmanned security services starting from just 99 per week?

What we do?

Portland Security Services provides professional guard dog security services, we operate a nationwide service, managing the security aspect for companies big and small, our trained guard dog handlers, wear body worn cameras, with GPS and live view. We monitor your security service delivery so you don't have to worry about your site.

Why choose a guard dog?

A guard with a dog costs significantly less to hire than than two guards

A security dog's hearing is four times more sensitive than a human's

A security dog's sense of smell is accurate enough to detect drugs and explosives

A security dog is always alert and can run upto 45 miles mph

A security dog is scarier and therefore more of a deterrent than a normal security guard

Are you thinking about hiring a company to provide you with security guard with dog services. If this is the case then it is likely that you have a security scenario where you require a higher deterent and more vigilance than a standard manned guarding solution. As you know a dog handler with trained dog, will resolve most, but not all situation where a security guard maybe effective.

How will the company manage and monitor your contract, how will they ensure that you are receiving the service they are charging you for, how do they monitor and control the guards time keeping, patrols, well being – what exactly do they have in place, especially if an incident occurs.

While we have in the past put this information on our website, we have found the content has been duplicated, by other companies, some did actually do some of them, while many just copied out content, as our domain name is very popular. If you are interested in the actual guard dog security service we deliver a comprenhensive solution to providing guard dog security, we will be happy to discuss this with you. we guarantee the you will know the difference as we get the go ahead.

Our CCTV Rapid Deploy Alarm system can be setup in hours and used when in situations when other ordinary alarms system won’t work. It can be used without external power, operates wireless and takes pictures of what caused an activation, which is sent to our control room.

Currently available for a rental price at a discounted cost of 99 per week, this system can provide a level of security for construction security sites and empty properties, which are often vulnerable as they are unoccupied.

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Portland Support Services

Security Divison

Supplies both manned and unmanned security services, we have been supplying security guard and dog services since 2005 and our team have complete experince in every scenario of supplying security guards with dogs.

We also use Rapid Deploy CCTV/Alarm System - to improve the effectivness of our service, which we while we supply as a stand alone service, includes the full back up our team, control monitoring centre, signage, installation, maintainance, keyhold, and mobile patrol response for a low weekly rental starting from 139

Residential Security Guards

We provide our guard dog handlers to residential seucurity patrols, to keep you residents safe. Our guards are trained to keep their dog under the control of the security guard at all times. The cost of a trained dog handlers is always less and better security than a lone guard.

Scenario Dog Training

We carry out regular scenario training with all our dog handlers, that imitate an actual situation that might occur on your site. Our guards dog don't react to fight or flight, to the dog, it is just another training exercise. For a professional security service, call 0800 242 5113

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Security Guard and Dogs Service

Every company says they are different, we actually are. We use the latest technology as a helping hand to do two things. Drive down cost and improve service.

Our experience tells us that sometimes, one security guard with a dog, is more cost effective and effective than two or even three security guards. But even guards with our highly trained dogs, can have their limitations in very large site. That is where most companies would suggest another guard, we would suggest a camera system, at less the cost of one shift. We can add a monitored alarm, cameras, door contacts, monitored by our team off site. All wireless, battery powered, bells and whistles. This is just one example where we use technology to drive down cost and improve service.

To find out how we can help you, call us on 0800 242 5113

For the ultimate deterrent in private security, our trained guard and dog services can be more effective than up to 3 security, guards, we offer trained manned guard services, with or without guard dogs, for the protection of property, people or assets.

Our fully featured alarm system, can be setup and installed on your site within hours, monitored by our central monitoring centre, our staff are able to visually and audible ensure your site is secure 24 hours a day. As part of the service we offer unlimited call outs, where we physically respond to verified activation at no extra charge.

More than a security company we offer a full commercial business support services, including site boarding with steel screens or plywood, site cleaning and clearance services.

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Guard Dogs Unit with CCTV Alarm

Our most effective solutions to protecting empty properties or constructions sites, is using our CCTV Alarm System with or without a dog. It is special adapted for rapid deployment, and can be installed as a temporary or more permanent solution, either stand alone or working with another security solutions - for example alowing one security guard with or without a dog to cover a large or complex area.

Our cameras are wireless, battery operated and can take actual pictures of your property, to make sure their are no false alarms, and provide information to the police.

We install and setup your alarm system and maintain your system throughout the term, to make sure in continues to work well. Our standalone Guardian Alarm can be hired from 99 per week + VAT

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How Much Does Security Cost

We will email you our prices so you can decide whether the cost of not having security, is worth the risk!

construction security dog

The Ultimate Deterrent

Our security guard with dogs are the ultimate deterrent, and are very effective security service that will solve resolve your security concerns, our dog teams can be available at short notice, in a marked or unmarked vehicle.
As added value we can include an alarm system in addition to our guard dog services to give you the very highest security!

  • Completely Wireless - No onsite power needed, we routinely check your system and replace batteries when needed, no wires whatsoever

  • Our on site security K9 dogs service, instantly responds to alarm activation at remote parts of your site. Perfect for site with outbuildings.

  • Fully Featured - Smoke alarms, temperature sensors, flood detections, carbon monoxide detectors, any number of features can be added to your system.

  • Fully Monitored - Our staff monitor your alarm, visually and audibly, and can verify intrusion, call the police or send our guards, as well as sound siren and strobe.

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